Tribute to the South Indian “Kollywood”.

It’s an ordinary workday for the once famous Tamil film director Sharma, up to the moment when Kader the Tiger Dancer appears in his office to ask for an acting chance. Due to his arrogance toward Kader, Sharma misses his opportunity for a bright comeback. “Tiger Fight” is a tribute to the South Indian “Kollywood”.

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Genre: Comedy / Short Feature
Production date: 2013
Length: 16 min.
Format: colour, DCP

Distribution premiere: April 3rd, 2014

Country: Slovakia / India / Austria

Production: PubRes (SK)
Co-producers: Mozhi Films (IND), AMOUR FOU (AT)

Original name: Tiger Fight
Distribution name: Tanec tigra
Original language: Tamil
English subtitles/dubbing: yes/no
Slovak subtitles/dubbing: yes/no
Distribution format: 2D DCP

Slovak Distributor: PubRes
Sales: New Europe Film Sales


Director: Martin Repka
Original Story: Ashoka Mitran
Script: Martin Repka
Photography: Peter Bencsik
Music: Prabahar.r
Editor: Maroš Šlapeta
Cast: Nasser, Palani, Mahendravarman, Dhayanidhi, Arunmozhi Sivaprakasam


Martin Repka (1975, Frankfurt am Main, Germany) is a graduate of the Film and Television Faculty of Bratislava’s Academy of Performing Arts. He is the screenwriter and director of several internationally successful and award-winning short films such as “Swimming“ (Schwimmen), “The Last Supper“ and “The Thieves“. His feature debut “Return of the Storks“ was the Slovak national candidate for the 80th Academy Awards. Beside his artistic work, he has had a successful career as a contract director for television and advertising, as well as a producer, production manager, script editor and lecturer. Repka was a member of the Main Jury at Art Film Fest 2012.