THE LUST FOR POWER, a documentary made by the young director Tereza Nvotova (Take it Jeasy!) is the story of Slovak ex-politician Vladimir Meciar and the impact he's had on Slovak society and her own life.

The story begins in 1989 when she’s a one year old and the Velvet Revolution is about to bring down the communist regime in Czechoslovakia. Following their victory, almost none of the revolutionary leaders want to occupy important government positions. They organize an open call for the position of Minister of Interior, and an unknown lawyer from a small town, Vladimir Meciar, vies for the job. He wins and proceeds to rise to the very top.

While governing he becomes a benevolent dictator, ruling the country using tools of corruption, propaganda and organized crime. While events like the division of Czechoslovakia or the kidnapping of the President's son unfold, Tereza and her friends are playing children's games of politics casting Meciar in the lead role.

The documentary The Lust for Power doesn’t only cover one chapter in Slovak political history. It raises universal and very current questions, because Meciar-like political archetypes keep popping up all over the world.

Are we ever going to find out, why we tend to put blind faith in authoritarian leaders?

Mr. Vladimir Meciar

Mr. Vladimir Meciar

Vladimir Meciar was the first Minister of Interior post Velvet revolution of 1989 and the threetime re-elected Prime Minister of Slovakia.

Vladimir Meciar was an undeniably charismatic politician „ loved by the nation“ and his profound influence on the contemporary political climate of Slovakia cannot be doubted. His final period in government 1994-1998, was marked by an authoritarian almost autocratic rule, misuse of power in the biggest privatisation causes and scandals and unauthorised activities of the secret services. It was this governance which ruled Slovakia out of the process of being accepted in the EU and NATO.

PubRes production in co-production with HBO Europe and Negativ (CZ).